Meridian – Karasuma Acupunctre / Massage Clinic

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We have been providing Japanese style acupuncture in Kyoto ,japan since 2002. We welcome international clients who are interested Japanese-style treatments that are gentle and effective.
English forms and information sheets are available.

Treatment Fees

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture /90min
First visit: ¥9500   Follow-up:¥7500
Cosmetic Acupuncture 120
Traditional Japanese Acupuncture with facial Esthetic /120min
First visit:¥13000   Follow-up: ¥11000
Cosmetic Acupuncture 150
Traditional Japanese Acupuncture with facial Esthetic & Body Esthetic /150
First visit : ¥16500   Follow-up:¥14500
Shiatsu(Therapeutic Traditional Japanese Massage) /60min
First visit: ¥8500   Follow-up:¥6500

Clinic Location

Kyoto-shi / Shimogyo-Ku /
karasuma Ayano-koji Sagaru 646 / Daimaruya Sijyo-Karasuma BLD 1F